The Studio

Lumos Yoga & Barre began as an idea between two friends, Jess and Larkin, who wanted more from our fitness studio experiences. We wanted to create a welcoming and approachable space for individuals interested in yoga and barre at all fitness levels, but who weren’t interested in competing with those around them.

Our instructors all have a passion for teaching and helping students reach their goals and live a more confident life. We aim to create a non-competitive community of fitness enthusiasts. 

Lumos Yoga & Barre is a SuperFit Hero Body Positive Fitness Studio, with instructors Larkin and Lauren being recognized as Body Positive Fitness Instructors.

The Sun Lady

The Sun Lady, "khorshid khanoom" comes from a historic Persian design, which began as an androgynous symbol, because its features (the joined eyebrows, round face, curly locks of hair, small lips) could denote both male and female beauty. In late 19th Century Iran, the sun became a national emblem, and the symbol became simply known as the "Sun Lady".

In the 1980's, a family friend of Jessica's who was a talented artist began using the Sun Lady as her logo and in much of her art. In 2013, she passed away, and we have decided to use the Sun Lady as our logo to honor her memory.  


Jessica Benhaim Co-Owner, Numbers Lady

Larkin Silverman Co-Owner, Vinyasa Vixen