Ashley Ziegenfus


YOUR TEACHING STYLE: Unique blend of music & movement

MUSIC/SONGS ON ROTATION IN YOUR CLASS: Always mixing it up - EDM, Indie/Alternative, HipHop/Pop


FAVORITE PHILLY RESTAURANT: I hold Porcini dear to my heart! 

TWO THINGS STILL LEFT ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Travel to Greece and have a vacation home near the sea!

IF YOU HAD ONE EXTRA HOUR OF FREE TIME A DAY, HOW WOULD YOU USE IT: I would explore additional creative outlets (sculpture, ceramics, photography, and special effects makeup). 


ashley z.jpg

In 2015, Ashley found an avenue that combined all of her favorite workout styles (ballet, cardio, pilates, and yoga) into one cohesive workout. In Barre class, she found the music captivating, fellow classmates encouraging, and the instructor inspiring. Barre became a positive influence for Ashley; increasing her physical, mental, and emotional strength. In wanting to share her love for Barre and the uplifting experience it provided her, she decided to pursue teaching. In January of 2017, Ashley received her Barre Certification

Ashley delivers unique classes that express her love for music and movement. While combining a wide variety of music to a multitude of movements, she hopes that the beat makes a challenging workout seem effortless and enjoyable. She believes that barre radiates positivity and strength. She hopes that every client she teaches finds that within themselves. 

When Ashley is not at the studio, she can be found working as a dental hygienist in a holistic spa dental practice. In her spare time, she likes to go to concerts, spend time with her family, cook/bake vegan recipes, tell punny jokes, and does arts and crafts with her friends.