Lily Simmons

Lily started doing yoga in early 2016 as a means of handling stress during her Master’s thesis.  She kept doing yoga because of its positive effects, namely, that she simply felt better in all ways.  It was a safe place to confront internal battles, daily frustrations, fears of the future, and past anxieties.  We’ve all heard the generic prescription to focus on the present moment, often without reflection of how difficult a task that can be.  However, the act of doing yoga is inherently grounding—by focusing on the breath and the Asanas, one can keep the mind from scattering.  In practicing yoga, we build not only strength, but resilience.  It’s a subtle but powerful experience when one notices they are taking a breath prior to reacting, both positively and negatively, reveling in the former while withstanding the latter. Lily completed her 200hr RYT at Honor Yoga in Princeton, NJ in June 2017

Lily teaches yoga to help people, just as it continues to help her.  She truly believes that the work you do on the mat will directly affect the work you do off the mat, and she wants to facilitate that in others. Her style is sufficiently challenging, intelligently sequenced, alignment-based vinyasa (flow). Expect harmonious movements that conscientiously build upon the one another, like a symphony in your body.