Sara Witkowski


YOUR TEACHING STYLE: Direct and empowering

MUSIC/SONGS ON ROTATION IN YOUR CLASS: "Koto" by Fait and "Sweet Disposition" by Miki Ratsula are on almost every playlist.

FAVORITE YOGA POSE: Ardha Chandrasana

FAVORITE PHILLY RESTAURANT: My favorite Philly restaurant is a tie between Helm and good ol'
Silk City (I can't resist a REALLY delicious breakfast sandwich)

TWO THINGS STILL LEFT ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: I would love to host my own podcast, and I want to swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

IF YOU HAD ONE EXTRA HOUR OF FREE TIME A DAY, HOW WOULD YOU USE IT:  I would add and extra hour of morning sunlight, and I would spend it outside; maybe practicing yoga, dancing, or reading, but definitely outside and definitely without shoes on my feet :)


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Sara stepped onto her yoga mat for the first time in 2012. Initially as a way to build strength and flexibility while studying Dance composition at Temple University; Yoga slowly transformed into an outlet to release tension and stress in a healthy, productive way.

Craving more of knowledge of the practice, she travelled to Rishikesh, India to complete her 200hr YTT at The Vinyasa School in 2017. Sara is passionate about the courage and gratitude that flow more easily from moving the body and is committed to a safe and empowering practice.