Lumos Yoga & Barre is a neighborhood studio, with one dedicated room for yoga and one for barre. We have three changing rooms and two restrooms, one of each is accessible. Lockers and locks are provided for use during classes. 


BOTTLE FILLING STATION: Using a bottle filling station and reusable water bottle saves YOU money. It also gives you the opportunity to fill up as many times as you need. In the United States alone, more than 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away each day - and these bottles often end up in landfills, incinerators, and the ocean. By installing a bottle filling station, we hope to encourage people to bring a reusable water bottle and help reduce plastic pollution. If you forgot to bring a bottle, we have excellent quality bottles (if we do say so ourselves!) for sale. 

REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES: Next to our bottle filling station, you'll find Mira Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles for sale. These bottles are not just for water - they keep cool liquids cold for 24 hours, and hot liquids (like coffee!) warm for 12 hours. And even when filled with ice, these will not sweat. Each bottle comes with two BPA and Phthalates-free lids - a stainless steel leak-proof insulated lid and sip sports cap. 

HAND TOWELS: Both paper towels and warm air hand dryers have some of the highest environmental tolls of all the options for a restroom. We have chosen to use hand towels that then get washed by Wash Cycle Laundry, a Philadelphia-based eco-friendly laundry service whose mission is to deliver fresh linens in a sustainable manner. Wash Cycle Laundry conducts all of its services on bicycle, generating zero fossil fuel emissions. Moreover, the business operates using the most energy-efficient washing machine models available, and has created jobs for adults re-entering the workforce. 

KLORANE MAKE-UP REMOVER BIODEGRADABLE WIPES: Our bathrooms are stocked with a number of amenities, including  Klorane Make-Up Remover Biodegradeable Wipes. These dermatologist and opthomologist tested, hypoallergenic cleansing cloths are great for sensitive skin, remove makeup, dirt (and sweat) gently,  Best of all, they are frangrance-free and have a pH similar to tears, and they deliver on our commitment to sustainability by being biodegradable. For a full list of ingredients and to view the full-lineup of Klorane items, visit

LOLA MENSTRUAL CARE: We are proud to provide Lola menstrual care in our bathrooms, which are derived from 100% organic cotton, feature BPA-free plastic applicators and are biodegradable. Lola is a company that was created by women, for women, and partners with organizations to provide menstrual products to homeless shelters across the United States. For more information, visit