Alyssa Beerger


YOUR TEACHING STYLE: Positive, Challenging, fun & uplifting

MUSIC/SONGS ON ROTATION IN YOUR CLASS: I love a good 90’s remix along with anything that has a great beat & heart + soul!

FAVORITE BARRE MOVE: Love booty work in any position during barre.


TWO THINGS STILL LEFT ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Gotta visit Europe one of these days, and fix up the family cabin in the Poconos

IF YOU HAD ONE EXTRA HOUR OF FREE TIME A DAY, HOW WOULD YOU USE IT: This is boring but probably take a nap or do my laundry. I can never find time to do these things.



Alyssa first started taking Barre, Pilates, & Yoga classes while attending college in New Orleans. She was looking for a positive outlet for stress relief and instantly felt like she had found her place and belonged in this environment. There are so many reasons why she is obsessed with Barre, Pilates, & Yoga – the positivity, the physical challenge, the mind body connection, the community, and the feeling of letting go of any stress or worries in the music and the motion. If she could sum it all up into one word it would be Passion.

Alyssa's favorite aspect about teaching is watching her students progress. Her goal is to help you test your limits so you can build the strength, flexibly, and confidence to overcome them... and of course we'll have fun doing it! She truly believe each and every one of you can achieve your goals. You're stronger than you know!
Alyssa received her Balanced Body Pilates & Barre certification in April of 2013 and has been teaching ever since. In May 2017, she completed her 200 hour RYT (Yoga Alliance) Yoga teacher training as well. Alyssa has created her own Barre Teacher Training, along with her colleague Michele Doloway, and has successfully trained and mentored over 20 new Barre Instructors.

Her classes are accessible to all levels of fitness, from beginner to advanced. We’re doing exercises anyone can do. Alyssa is highly educated in proper body alignment, anatomy, and how to safely modify any exercise in case of prior injury. She believes in functional, safe movement with lots of stretching to minimize the chance of injury, and of course a killer playlist.