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Lumos Barre


While barre has its origins in ballet, no dance experience is needed, and all levels of fitness experience are welcome in this class. Alternating between standing at the barre and mat-based exercises, our barre class consists of low impact/high repetition movements, with small isometric exercises to sculpt your arms, abdominals, and legs. Our barre instructors also use a variety of props (including light hand weights, resistance bands, soft exercise balls, and pilates rings) so no two classes are the same!

Grip socks are required for all barre classes.  


Lunch at the Barre


Grab your lunch at the barre - at Lumos! Some of us (ahem) just cannot get out of bed in the morning for a pre-work class, and sometimes we struggle to find the motivation after work.

Which brings us to lunch - we've condensed our regular barre class down to 45 minutes, so you can get a workout in during the lunch hour. Plus, it's way more fun than eating lunch at your desk while taking a Buzzfeed quiz to determine Which Possible Illuminati Member You are...

Grip socks are required for all barre classes.  


The Barre Essentials


Introducing: The Barre Essentials! This class is perfect for you if you’re looking for:

A slower paced barre class that still will work your muscles

Have injuries that require modifications

A barre class that spends less time weight bearing on sensitive joints, such as knees & wrists

A recognizable playlist





Lumos Flow (Unheated Vinyasa)


Build an inner fire in this all-levels athletic vinyasa class that will have you sweating, building strength, and exploring the potential of moving with your breath. Studio is unheated and class is set to music. 

For folks looking to build a more solid foundation we recommend checking out our "New Kid on the Block" and "Stretch & Flex" classes first.


Sculpt Jawn


"Sculpt" - a type of workout that combines yoga, strength training, and cardio." Jawn" - Philly speak for "thing". Yogis will feel familiar with many of the postures, and barre enthusiasts will be accustomed to the use of hand weights.  Sculpt Jawn ups the ante from each of those separate workouts, amplifying familiar movements with the addition of hand weights, cardio calisthenics, and the occasional dance party before cooling things back down with a yoga stretch.

Each instructor has their own style and format - because variety is the spice of life! Have fun in this challenging all-levels class that will get your heart rate pumping and leave you feeling strong AF. 

We also offer Intermediate Sculpt Jawn classes, which are not recommended for beginners due to the pace of these classes. We recommend taking at least five barre or sculpt classes prior to attending one of these.


Gentle Yoga


A supportive yoga practice for everybody! This class has relaxed and gradual transitions between both restorative and active postures. The use of props will be encouraged and explicitly instructed in order to facilitate YOUR full range of movement. The goal of this class is relaxation and gentle stretching. Suitable for students of all levels and ages.


Chair Yoga


A gentle yoga practice, intended for those seeking the physical and mental benefits of yoga without sitting on the floor. Poses will be practiced while either sitting in or standing with support from a chair. Ideal for those who experience limited mobility, whether from aging or specific health complications, who would like to benefit from the yoga practice physically and mentally. This practice can help to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, improve joint function, improve balance, and also to use breathing and meditation in order to reduce stress and improve focus. Suitable for students of all levels, ages, and abilities.




Come restore and relax in this gentle, supported practice designed to help you relieve tension in your body, and find space. This class pairs slower movements with longer holds, using a series of props to help you move passively through seated and reclining postures. Let gravity hold your body weight in this supported practice, and give yourself permission to shed the weight of your day mentally and physically. 


Mindful Flow + Meditation


Mindful Flow + Meditation:

Class begins with an emphasis on being present in your body, mind & spirit, sustaining a flowing breath and warming up. The heart of class is a flowing sequence of postures linked with breath intended to stretch, strengthen, and balance your body while cultivating compassionate awareness.

Meditation (5 – 10 mins) gives you the opportunity to listen to your inner wisdom and connect deeper with your true self.

All levels welcome.
Pace: Moderate





New Kid on the Block


Completely new to yoga? Our "New Kid on the Block" class is an intro class for the yoga-curious looking to build a solid foundation for their physical practice in a supportive environment. Learn how to cultivate your breath, enter and find postures safely, and refine your alignment. This class is 75 minutes, so feel free to bring yoga questions, comments, concerns and conundrums!


Stretch & Flex


With so much of our daily lives spent sitting at desks and looking at screens, taking the time to stretch out fully and safely is increasingly important. Taught in accessible and clear language, our "Stretch & Flex" classes are great for everyone - whether you're a professional dancer looking to explore the bounds of your flexibility, or as stiff as the Tin Man and dream of one day touching your toes. 







Come and get LIIT! "Lumos Intensive Interval Training" is our version of a "HIIT", or "High Intensity Interval Training" class. This 45-minute class is a total body, high-intensity, muscle-toning workout targeted to burn fat and strengthen your core and stabilizer muscles using only body weight and resistance style training. Designed for all fitness levels. This class can be done barefoot or in sneakers. 

You may be wondering, what is a HIIT class doing on the schedule of a Yoga & Barre studio? Well, when Lumos founders Jess & Larkin first met with Lizzie McKenna, they weren't sure what to expect since Lizzie didn't come from a yoga or dance background. But within minutes of meeting her,  they were blown away by her energetic and upbeat personality. The three of them put their heads together to see what type of class could be offered at Lumos that would fit with Lizzie's athletic background and group fitness experience, and came up with "LIIT". 


Melt Method

Melt Method


The MELT-Method is a full-body, self-treatment technique which uses specialized equipment to promote fascial tissue rehydration, offer pain relief, stimulate the lymphatic system, and improve balance and mobility, strength, and performance for all practitioners, from beginners to professional athletes.

Intro to MELT teaches students how to begin MELTing by hydrating just the fascia in their hands and feet, using proprietary treatment balls which progress in size and density. Students will feel an immediate effect in their pain level, mobility, and carriage. 

MELT will help you get out of, and stay out of pain. Come MELT with us!



Prenatal & Baby and Me


Prenatal Yoga

This class helps you relieve the potential discomforts of pregnancy while preparing for labor, birth, and parenthood. Both restorative and active postures will be included, with an emphasis on both breath and self-awareness. This class is highly recommended to anyone who is pregnant and new to yoga, or those looking to modify their existing yoga practice during pregnancy. All trimesters welcome!

***We also offer Prenatal Workshops***

Baby & Me Yoga

Baby & Me is a yoga class which helps new parents adjust to the transitions of parenthood through breath and gentle movement. Babies will rest nearby on blankets, and/or can be cuddled and cared for throughout practice. ‘Baby & Me’ allows parents the opportunity to engage socially with other parents while also bonding with baby, and prioritizing their own needs.

This is an open and casual atmosphere - we understand that babies can get fussy, and need to be fed or changed during class! This is a class where babies can be babies, and new parents can be new parents - no judgements. This class is recommended for parents with -pre-crawlers- please make sure to get clearance from your child’s pediatrician as well as your own physician for exercise.

Please bring a baby blanket for your little one and your own yoga mat. Extra blankets are available to cushion beneath baby blankets. We also have mats available for rent for $2. First time mat rental is free.

All parents are welcome regardless of gender or family structure.

***Starting January 2019, Baby & Me will move to a workshop format, held on the third Saturday of each month. Stay tuned for details***


Barre Wit


Barre Wit Pilates


 Also, sometimes we like our Barre topped "wit" a little pilates.

So we present to you, our Barre Wit Pilates class: barre - topped off with some mat pilates. This class begins on the mat and will fire up your core, incorporating specialized equipment like the Pilates ring, to help you build long and strong muscles. You'll end at the barre with your trusted standards that will give you that signature barre shake. 

Grip socks are required for all barre classes.


Barre Wit Cardio


Looking to mix up your Barre with a little dance-based cardio? Then this the class for you! This class incorporates classic ballet moves (including some jumping), but don't worry - no previous dance experience needed.

Barre wit cardio begins on the mat with some classic strengthening for your core, booty and legs, then it takes you to the Barre. At the Barre you will get your classic Barre burn with bursts of cardio, a strength-building arm sequence and dance to get your heart rate up while you sweat and smile. This is a higher impact class but there are always options provided to take it down a notch and still get your sweat on.

Grip socks are required for all barre classes.







Calm like yogi- strong like dancer. Yo'lates combines the best of yoga and mat pilates. We will sculpt, define and lengthen your muscles while refining your alignment and strengthen your core. You will walk away feeling calm, and two inches taller. 


Mat Pilates


Mat Pilates focuses on lengthening and strengthening your body, primarily using the muscles of the core, which span from your hips to your shoulders.  Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s, the methodology borrows from disciplines such as dance, yoga and classic calisthenics.  The Mat Pilates series of exercise is normally performed with just your body and a mat for cushioning and support. In this class we will use a mat and some equipment, such as a ball, ring or weights which are optional and selected on a class per class basis. It's fun and it will make you feel taller and stronger!