Studio Policies

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Consent Coasters

Whether to correct form to prevent an injury, or to deepen or amplify the depth of your postures, we love hands-on assists.  

However, it's important to us that students are just as involved in the adjustments process as their instructors, which is why Consent Coasters are standard equipment for every yoga class offered at Lumos, included among the other familiar props that help you find support and depth in your practice.

Students have the right and the option to choose "yes please" or "no thanks" to hands-on adjustments and assists during every single pose, simply by indicating their preference on the coaster. This way, you can focus on your workout, without fretting about unwanted attention. Get out of your head, and into your body, fully on your own terms. 

Class Packages

Class packages must be used in their entirety within the designated time period or remaining classes are forfeited:

  • 5 Class Packages expire within 60 days from date of purchase
  • 10 Class Packages expire within 90 days from date of purchase
  • 20 Class Packages expire within 120 days rom date of purchase

Class Reservations & Cancellations 

The studio opens 15 minutes prior to the first class and closes 15 minutes after the last class is finished. We always recommend signing up in advance to reserve your spot in class, but we welcome walk-ins, so long as there are spaces open and the class has not started.

All class reservations will be held until the class begins, there will be a 5 minutes grace period after which time no one may enter the class. Class cancellations will be honored up to 3 hours in advance and the class credit will be returned to your account to use at a future date. Any no-shows or late cancels (within 3 hours) will not have the class returned to your account. 

All purchases are non-transferable and non-refundable. 


If you are on the waitlist for a class, and another client cancels up to 30 minutes prior to a class starting, you will automatically be moved into the class and you will receive an email AND text confirmation. 

*Please note that if you un-checked the box that said "Subscribe to email/text notifications" when you created your MINDBODY account, you will NOT receive the email or text if and when you are added into a waitlisted Class.

Clients are moved off of the waitlist in the order from which they were added to it.

Alternately, if you do not want to sign up for the waitlist and a class is full, you are welcome to come to the studio and see if there a spot opens up due to "no shows" but please note there is no guarantee. 


You can now find us on ClassPass! Please note that we have a strict no-show policy for ClassPass: 

All class reservations will be held until the class begins, there will be a 5 minutes grace period after which time no one may enter the class. Class cancellations will be honored up to 3 hours in advance, cancellations done within 3 hours of a class are a late cancel and ClassPass fees or charges may apply. 

Users who are a no-show (meaning they have not arrived within the 5-minute grace period), will be late cancelled out of a class, and ClassPass fees or charges may apply. 

Do I Need to Bring a Mat?

Yoga mats are needed for: 

 Lumos Flow, Sculpt Jawn, NKOTB, Gentle, Restorative, Yo'Lates and Barre wit Yoga

For Lumos Barre & Lunch at the Barre: we use specialized barre mats and these are provided for each class. We also provide these mats for use in Stretch & Flex

For MELT Method and It's LIIT: you do NOT need to bring a mat. 

Class Levels & Beginner Info

Our classes are open level - every level of experience from beginner to advanced will feel at home. However, some of our Barre & Sculpt classes are not recommended for beginners due to the pace of these classes. We recommend taking at least five barre or sculpt classes prior to attending. 

We do offer dedicated Beginner classes specifically designed for those who are new to yoga throughout the week (New Kid On The Block), as well as classes that go at a slower pace (Gentle Yoga), and classes that use the support of a chair (Chair Yoga). 

What should I wear?

Wear clothes you are comfortable in and that you can move in! If you are taking a class that moves at a faster pace - like Barre, Sculpt, or LIIT, we recommend moisture wicking fabrics.

For Barre, we also recommend wearing full or capri-length pants or leggings - not shorts, to prevent the props used in class from rubbing against bare skin. 

Grip Socks are required for Lumos Barre, Lunch at the Barre, and Barre wit Yoga. If you do not have grip socks, we have a selection available for sale at our studio. We also offer sock rental for $1/pair, per class. 

We have 3 changing rooms, one of which is ADA compliant, if you need to change clothes before or after class. 


Shoes are not permitted in the fitness studios - please remove shoes and place them in provided lockers. We also supply locks and keys on a wristbobble - all locks/keys must be returned after the class once you have emptied your items from the locker.

Cell phones are not permitted in studios while class is in session, we recommend leaving them in lockers where they are secure. It is a distraction to the other people if someone's cell phone goes off during class. 

Please do not bring any food or drink other than water into the studios, if you bring any food or beverages please eat in the waiting area and clean up after yourself. 

Any unattended children will be given expresso and a puppy.

Please arrive on time and respect our 5 minute grace period. 

Please wipe down and put away any props or equipment used during the class - the instructor will direct where items belong. 

Please be respectful to our staff and the other people taking classes. We are committed to providing a welcoming, safe space for people of all fitness levels, and of all backgrounds, races, ages, shapes and sizes, sexual orientations. 

We thank you for supporting and practicing with us. 

New Students

Please arrive at least 15 Minutes early to fill out paperwork and go over any injuries, issues, concerns, etc. with the instructor. Introductory offers are valid for the first visit & first subsequent purchase of a package only.